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Top FX Brokers in South Africa

Do you know why you are getting it difficult to find a perfect broker in South Africa as a trader?

Lately, South Africa exhibited a meaningful increment in trading activity for several arguments; besides that, South Africa, as a genuinely advanced country’s economic complex, frequently shows its growth and is among the most improved in the field. 

And that has caused a great increase in people’s interest in FX trading. So, many brokers started getting into this new hub (South Africa) of FX and CFD trading. That is why you are getting it difficult to find a perfect broker in South Africa as a trader. 

But wait and read this article thoroughly, and at the end of the article, you probably will be able to get your future broker. So, let’s go with it:

Easy Markets

If you want to enjoy commission-free FX trading, then Easy Markets broker is probably the best option at this time in South Africa. Many traders do not like this broker because it does not have a huge account type variety. But who wants a great variety when you trade with only one account? Isn’t it a bit weird?

Well, you can check account types and see whether they are of your type or not, but you can’t miss other features like:

  • Discounts for VIP and active tarders.
  • Amazing customer support.

Saxo Bank

As clear from its name, it is a bank, but it also works as a broker. And that is the best thing about it. But how? This bank was already famous in the world of finance, and when it started its new career as a broker, then it became more popular. But its popularity is not fake because it is a great trading platform with so many blistering features, but it has one con. 

It is not a great broker for beginners because its minimum deposit is 10,000 USD. And we never recommend any newbie spend this much money straight away, even if he has this much amount. So, it is only made for already rich and expert traders who can afford a loss of 10,000 USD.  


Don’t worry if you are not that skillful because we have got a perfect broker for a South African trader who has just started his career. It has many features that can entertain a newcomer, like the educational system. But after complete research, we found out that the demo account of Globex360 is a perfect feature for beginners. You can also check it out and give it at least a single chance. But before that, you should learn more about the Globex360 demo.  

CMC Markets

CMC Markets will be a great option if you are concerned about trading and investing in cryptocurrencies. It has many other features that you can and should avail of, but its crypto trading is so smooth that many traders love to make a nice amount of profit out of it. 

Final Words

Have you found this article useful? If yes, then please let us know!


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