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How to Improve your Rank on Amazon

The dream of every seller on Amazon is to rank higher to improve sales and built a list of clients. For that, there are always certain tricks that can assist you in ranking higher on Amazon. This doesn’t mean that you can rank higher while not maintaining the quality of the product. To rank higher means your selling items come in front of the potential buyers as they start searching for what they require. So have a look at some ways through which your product is going to rank higher than others.

Title of Product

There’s no easy way to improve conversion rate than optimizing the product title. It needs to be concise and clear along with the addition of keywords in the title. It is best suitable for title optimization. This way when the buyer searches the keyword, there is a high probability that your item would be among the top rankers. The Amazon statistics on sellers tell that most of the higher sellers use ranking techniques for better sales.

Product Features

Every product has its own set of unique selling points called features. Now the feature of your product should be clear and should answer the customer’s demand. Further, you can add the keywordsin the product features. This way your product would not only have an optimized title but also optimized features in bullet points ranking it higher.

Customer Reviews

Another common and easiest way of improving your ranking and building customer satisfaction is customer reviews. You cannot get customer reviews unless and until you deliver a top-quality product that the buyer is looking for and that too at a cost-effective price. Customer reviews constantly improve your ranking so you should focus more on it.

Engaging Product Page

As soon as thebuyer reaches the product page, you need to assure that the product page is engaging. It should have clear product images as the first thing a buyer would see is the product. Moreover, the features and product description should be clear and easy to read. These factors keep the buyer engaged as a result of which as long as the customer stays on the product page it increase the time on the page.

This is more the time a buyer spends on the page and more frequent visitors come to the Amazon algorithm calculates the bounce rate and on-page time leading to an improved ranking of your product.

Fill out Specifications Section

For every product that gets listed on Amazon, there’s a section where you can specify the inherent specification of your product. These specifications might include physical detail of the product like weight or technical details like in case antennas the frequency range of it.

This section is mandatory to fill properly as after looking at the image the buyer would automatically have a look at the specifications.  The algorithm of Amazon specifically targets the listing of products. So there is a high probability of getting a higher rank.


Ranking higher is the desire of every seller but it is done via a combination of factors. For improving the rank of product you can use different strategies but it is highly recommended to use all possible strategies to ensure higher turn around in terms of sales and higher ranking.


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