7 Upcoming Women’s Conferences to LevelUp Your Career

By Kailey Brennan

According to a recent Harvard Business Review study, women who attend business-focused conferences are more likely to achieve career-boosting milestones within a calendar year.  A place for networking, mentorship, and meeting strong female leaders in business, women’s conferences are excellent learning and skill-building opportunities for those seeking to achieve their career goals. 

Here are seven of them to help you take the next step in your career.

1. Summit21 – October 

Summit21 is a conference designed especially for women of color who want to invest in themselves. With informative workshops and networking sessions, this event is for millennial influencers, entrepreneurs, and creators looking to make advances in their careers and business ventures. 

2. Fortune Most Powerful Women Summit – October 

If exclusivity appeals to you, check out the Fortune Most Powerful Women Summit. Attending requires membership in the Fortune’s Most Powerful Women “club” in which women need to apply for the Fortune’s Most Powerful Women Membership and provide details on their company’s size and revenue. But the takeaways are priceless as the summit delves into leadership, government, philanthropy, education, and the arts led by some of the most powerful leaders and CEOs in the world. 

3. 2019 Breaking Barriers Career Conference For Women – November 

Held in Dallas Texas, the second annual Breaking Barriers Career Conference is a free event sponsored by Heart Of Courage. With workshops on goal setting, dressing for success, personal branding, and tapping into your power, this is a great opportunity for those in the beginning stages of building their brands or launching a new business. 

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4. Conferences for Women – December 

For women who are passionate about eliminating the pay gap and gender discrimination in the workplace, Conferences for Women is the place to be. An annual gathering across cities in the U.S, the next available conference will be held in Boston, Massachusetts, in December 2019, featuring keynote speakers Malala Yousafzai and Megan Rapinoe. 

5. Bullish Conference – April 

The Bullish Conference is not your average event. Hosted by Get Bullish creator Jennifer Dziura, The Bullish Conference is a summit intersecting entrepreneurship and career advancement with the philosophies of feminism in our society today. If you are a woman seeking to thrive in business and crush the patriarchy along the way, this is the conference for you. 

6. WIN Summit 2020 – May 

In partnership with Columbia University, Women in Negotiation (WIN) seeks to serve executives, senior managers, and prospective high-level management from any organization or industry. This event focuses on negotiation, leadership, and diversity, and women will learn from top industry leaders and renowned professors the strategies and techniques of successful negotiation within business. Entrepreneurs and consultants are also encouraged to attend this empowering conference. 

7. GirlBoss Rally – June 

Another conference catered toward millennial women in business, the GirlBoss Rally is held annually in June in Los Angeles, California. Part conference, part experiential women’s empowerment wonderland, this women’s conference is conversation and workshop driven for ambitious females looking to break into the business world or foster their entrepreneurial skills. Past speakers have included Jameela Jamil, Paris Hilton, Gwyneth Paltrow, and Michelle Phan.

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