13 Relatable Tweets from Women Who Got Hit on Over LinkedIn

Yep, you read that correctly. As if men didn’t already have enough platforms to slide into our DMs, they’ve now resorted to the one platform where flirting is completely unacceptable. LinkedIn is designed to generate professional connections, not romantic ones. Nevertheless, Twitter is blowin’ up with accounts of men trying to hit on women over the platform. 

These tweets have us seriously face-palming. But on a serious note, keep in mind that sexual harassment is never okay at work (or anywhere else), so be vigilant when looking out for creeps on the platform. 

Here are 13 women who’ve experienced the dreaded LinkedIn flirting:

Proficient in UX design and Stata? Definitely sugar baby material. 

A sugar daddy hit me up on LinkedIn …. I’ve seen it all at this point — september 29 (@_kleapatra) September 9, 2019

This gal offers the perfect tasteful response for unwanted attention on LinkedIn. 

Yeah, we can all agree that old men hitting on younger women on LinkedIn is wayyyy less than ideal. 

old men flirting with me via LinkedIn isssss not ideal — Kas (@Its_Kasey) July 27, 2019

Katie hits the sarcastic nail on the head. 

my fave form of flirting is when old men i’ve never met endorse my skills on linkedin — katie (@katiehesss) July 9, 2019

Couldn’t have said it better ourselves…DMs are open literally everywhere else but LinkedIn. Amen. 

Y’all. My DMs are open literally everywhere except LinkedIn. Don’t flirt with me on LinkedIn. I don’t know anyone well enough to flirt with them on LinkedIn. We could be living together, and I’m not flirting with you on LinkedIn. — Thursday’s Childe (@EreikaWritesFic) June 7, 2019

…seriously?!? This is just plain creepy. In what world would this be acceptable?

Someone’s grandfather is spending his evening on LinkedIn flirting with people who have the last name Imani for Eid 🙄 — Blair Imani (@BlairImani) June 4, 2019

If this is what adulthood is, we want no part in it. 

I got hit on via LinkedIn is this adulthood? — dannerz montanerz (@dannerz_) September 1, 2019

Out of every form of social media…he chose LinkedIn?


Some people just cannot take a hint. 

my coworker blocked her ex and he hit her up on LinkedIn 💀💀💀💀💀💀 — arabella (@__bella_donna_) September 8, 2019

Repeat after us: LinkedIn is. Not. A. Dating. Site. 

When do men continue to use LinkedIn like Tinder? Just blocked ANOTHER man for refusing to respect my stated boundaries. Dudes: if she’s telling you don’t hit on her, don’t argue back that there’s no rule against getting to know someone. FAIL. — smithbrainz (@smithbrainz) September 6, 2019

Seriously lost for words on this one. Eight years later?? Boy bye.  

I’m always stressing about reaching out to people, but then I remember that some random man I rejected will hit me up on LinkedIn 8 years later thinking he has a shot and then I feel less bad — EJ (@queerica69) September 5, 2019

GroupMe is the happy hour to LinkedIn’s boardroom. Neither is okay.

You ever been hit on on LinkedIn? Lmaooo — riss 🌻 (@flickkadariss) September 10, 2019

Work-life balance maybe?

I’m being hit on, on LinkedIn… IS NOTHING SACRED TO YOU PEOPLE???! — Sdudla Mafehlefeezy♥ (@lulu_luwela) March 19, 2019

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