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Introverts have a harder time finding ways to make money, compared to their extroverted counterparts. The world revolves around people. No matter what you do for a living, you are doing something to benefit another human being in one form or another. This is what makes it seem nearly impossible for an introvert to casually shy away from committing their mind, body, and soul to a 9-5 job.

But thanks to a growing world of technology, there are plenty of options for introverts to make money without getting a job. So fear not, fellow introverts, there are plenty of options for us to succeed—all while staying far away from the limelight.

1. Online Surveys.

Getting paid for your nonverbal opinion sounds like a dream come true for introverts. Online surveys are a real way to earn extra income without committing yourself to a real job or, even worse: talking to people. Here are numerous legitimate websites that will pay you cash for taking their surveys. It’s as simple as that!

2. Writing.

If you’re a decent writer, you could end up in a career that you never imagined. As long as you’ve ever had experience as a human and have proper grammar, then you’d be able to make it as a writer.

The internet has made it possible for people to make serious bank by sharing their passions, hobbies, careers, and lifestyles. Whether you choose to create a blog or decide to work as a freelance writer, writing can be one of the best jobs that doesn’t even seem like a job at all.

Most writing gigs are offered as “no strings attached,” meaning you can do as little or as much as you’d like. On the flip side, quality is something that needs to shine through to make it as a paid writer. Fortunately, experience and practice tend to polish your writing skills, and you get better with each and every article or piece you write.

If you decide to create your own blog, then your success is entirely dependent on how much work and effort you put forth. Blogging is still my favorite way to earn cash as an introvert because it is done completely on my own terms.

3. Selling Items.

Selling items is one of the easiest ways to make a living without actually having an official job. The sky is the limit when you talk about selling anything. The more work you put into it, the more profit you are most likely going to see.

There are several sites where you can list items on for free.

Some tips on making fast sales are:

  1. Take good pictures.
  2. List accurate and detailed descriptions.
  3. Be willing to negotiate, even if it means making your original asking price a little higher. People love to bargain, especially when it comes to used items. Just keep that in mind.

Craigslist is one of the most popular websites to go to for listing your items locally. You can practically sell almost anything on Craigslist, and it’s 100% free to use.

Another great option that I like to use is Facebook yard sale sites. What I like about selling on Facebook is that you can see the persons’ profile and picture before meeting up with them. It gives me a little peace of mind before I meet up with strangers.

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Earn money while hiding behind your smartphone? Sign me up! According to TIME, Americans check their phones an average of 46 times per day. So why not turn even a few of those random checks into a cash profit?

Here is a list of some popular and easy ways to earn money with your smartphone.

Side Gigs.

Side gigs are fantastic, money-making options for introverts because they’re usually done solo. They’re also great ways to showcase your skills and expertise. Whether you’re an expert gardener or landscaper, caregiver, or pet lover, there are plenty of side gigs available to consider.

A good website for you to begin looking for a side gig is You can search for local jobs available that might fit your interest or skills. You will notice that some of the gigs are looking for temporary help, while others are seeking more of a long-term commitment. When you don’t have a job, you are at your own free will and you’re able to decide which would work best for your current situation.

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