Get Paid To Write Greeting Cards From Home

I don’t know about you, but I often spend longer trying to choose the perfect greeting card than finding the gift to go with it! It’s probably not something you’ve considered before (I haven’t until now), but people are out there writing greeting cards from home and making money from it.

It seems like it would be fun and easy work. You’d only be required to write a few lines for each card ー so surely anyone could do it? Is it as simple as it sounds? As a freelance writer myself, I’m intrigued about getting paid to write greeting cards from home, so I did some digging, and this is what I uncovered.

Research the Greeting Card Market

This step may be time-consuming, but it’s essential. So, put on your comfiest walking shoes and hit the pavement. You’re going to visit as many greeting card stores as you can (without looking too creepy and suspicious), and study the wording inside a ton of cards in each genre and for a variety of target markets.

From sentimental cards filled with flowing prose to humorous pun-filled cards, it’s vital you research the format. If you find a style that you love and think you’d be exceptional at it, make some notes and look on the back of the cards for the publishing companies to whom you could potentially pitch.

Find Publishing Companies

Some greeting card companies use in-house writers, but there are several (I was surprised by how many) that employ freelance writers, so there are plenty of opportunities to make some extra money.

Avanti greeting cards are unique, memorable, and fun. They’re printed in the USA, and the company has a strong sustainability ethos, so if all of that aligns with your style and values, you can forward your writing samples .

Blue Mountain provides fun and imaginative online greeting card designs from its unique community of dedicated writers, artists, musicians, marketing, and tech professionals. Contact them to inquire about submissions. They’re looking for highly original and creative submissions on love, friendship, family, and philosophies, to name a few topics.

Comstock Market Place

Comstock is one of the best (and only) adult-humor greeting card companies in the industry. Their designs feature outrageous to risque humor, so if you have a naughty sense of humor, head to their writer guidelines for tips. You could get paid $50 for a gag line idea.

Greeting Card Universe is the world’s largest card store with a vast range of cards designed by their hand-picked community of artists. The submission process is different from simply submitting your writing. Here you create an artist account and then design your card by uploading an image and creating the card message. Then, all you do is sit back and watch them sell. If you don’t have access to high-quality stock images, you can use their Stock Card Creations services at no cost. You can earn up to 0.35 for each paper card sold, with scope to earn more.

Oatmeal Studios has been in the business of making people laugh for over 40 years, and has grown into one of the top humorous greeting card companies in the world. Read their , and if you think you’ve got something they’ll love, send in your best work, and you could earn $100 per purchased idea!

With over 80 years in the industry, P.S Greetings, Inc. specializes in innovative designs for every occasion at a great price. You can submit your writings via snail mail towith a self-addressed stamped envelope.

Selling Greeting Cards Online

This list of greeting card companies is not exhaustive, so do your research and always read the submission guidelines before sending in your best work.

If you want to skip the whole submission process and would prefer to work independently — you might consider starting your own greeting card business onor . Of course, if you decide to go this route, you’ll be designing and writing the greeting cards, so you’ll need to have an artistic flair. If this sounds appealing, be sure toof how she started a successful greeting card business on Etsy.


Whether you contact publishers or start your own greeting card business, it will take time and a lot of patience. Publishers can take a while getting back to you, and you’ll need to be willing to accept rejection, so be open to it and keep improving your craft. Payments will vary between publishers, and with practice, good quality work, and steady contact building, you just might get lucky enough to make a career out of writing greeting cards from home.

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