How This Freelance Writer (And Mom) to Twins Gets Anything Done

Want to know a little secret?

It’s 10:30 a.m. on a Saturday and the house is a mess, I’m still in my PJ’s and I have impending deadlines to meet.

Being a freelance writer and mom to twins is challenging.

I have a husband, but he runs a business and helps me with my business too, so his plate is full during the day.

Luckily I have relatives close by who can help take the twins off my hands while I get dinner ready or run around picking up toys and clothes off the floor.

Are you curious how other moms with small children can build a successful freelance writing business?

I know I was when I first started. And with my new course, growing community of awesome freelance writers as well as big clients to wow, I need to make sure not to spread myself too thin.

Here’s how I can get anything done in a day as a freelance writer, wife, and work at home mom to twins.

The House is a Mess. That’s Okay

Before I had children, I thought it would be easy to keep a house tidy. Vacuum in the morning, have a spot for toys, cooking would be a breeze and all I had to do was load up the dishwasher.

Then I had twins.

There are the food fights, the toy fights, the broken toys, the crumbs on the floor, stains on clothes, laundry two or three times a day, and the constant picking up of things.

My twins are three now, and even though they do know how to clean up, that doesn’t mean I don’t find a toy stethoscope under the couch. Or a bulldozer (or ten) in the middle of the floor.

Messes happen. I’m a freelance writer!

During the day I clean up when I can, go outside to play, but then when my twins go for their daily nap, I have to write.

Which leaves a messy house. That’s okay.

I Use a Project Management System

I talked about my issues with my project management system in the past. Currently I’m using Google Sheets and it’s working.

This helps me make sure I’m not going to miss deadlines on all my projects as well as miss any invoices I need to submit to clients.

I also keep track of my earnings and coaching clients’ appointments.

Without having this system (it’s even color-coded), I doubt I would be able to scale my business to the next level.

I Have Help

My husband is my rock!

He has supported me from day one and I know without his help with day-to-day tasks, I wouldn’t have been able to launch a course or commit to writing for a full list of clients.

And now with our goals of starting a content agency and web design service, he’s going to be an integral part of growing my business.

I also have relatives that come almost daily to play with my twins and keep them busy. This frees up time to either get housework under order, draft some preliminary outlines or check in with my course participants over on the private Facebook community.

I also have other writers helping me out with social media managing, content, research and any little things that I can easily outsource.

I Drink Lots of Coffee

Well not that much! I have a cup in the morning and a cup before lunch and that seems to get me through the day.

I was never a coffee drinker before I had my children.

But, then I had my children.

And suddenly it’s noon and I didn’t even have breakfast. With coffee in my day, life is more balanced 🙂

I’m a Good Writer (and Fast One Too)

I’ve been doing this for a little over a year and when I look back at a few of my first posts, I cringe.

You can tell I was an amateur and my writing wasn’t as polished as it is now for my clients.

But, I’ve been writing practically every day for a year now and I’ve noticed my writing has improved. And my speed too!

It takes me under an hour to write 1,000 words (in some niches) which helps when I only have 4 hours a day to write for my clients.

This is Working

For now, what I’m doing is working. We have a home-cooked meal every night, my twins get valuable time with me during the day and I know my clients are happy with the quality of my work.

But, I’m sure as business grows, I’ll have to rely on delegating tasks and outsourcing more. I will also have to transition my project management system to a more collaborative approach when this happens.

I’ve proven as a WAHM to twins, it is possible to be a successful freelance writer.

It isn’t easy, but with the right help, support and copious amounts of coffee, you can do it too!

Over to you – how do you get anything done as a mom with small children, or someone who’s doing this as as side hustle?

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