My 2016 Freelance Writing Goals

A New Year!

Excited and looking forward to seeing how successful you’re going to be as a freelance writer?

I know I am.

This time I have a full 12 months – as opposed to 6 months – to achieve my goals. So, these goals are pretty hefty, but totally doable in this time frame.

In creating my freelance writing goals for 2016, I found it hard not to want to include every project and every idea that I have.

Because, you see, once you create a product, it’s hard to stop.

I first started with my free email course . With the huge success of this course – over 400 writers have gone through the lessons – I decided to make a complete course, .

In creating this course, I wanted to promote it even more so I decided to make another free email course, Become a Rockstar Freelance Writer – Jumpstart Your Successful Business.

And I have many more projects in the works. So let’s get to my goals for 2016.

1. Contribute to the Huffington Post

This is a recent goal of mine. I never thought about pitching to HuffPo and I was pretty sure I wasn’t going to.

But, with the launch of my course and some more products in the queue, I’m looking to expand my reach and strengthen my credibility as a freelance writer. So, for next year I’m going to see if I can become a regular contributor. I don’t think it’s that difficult. The issue is the niche I plan to write in.

I wouldn’t mind writing about digital marketing, but I’m pretty sure HuffPo needs an expert in that field, and since I’m new to this niche, I’m not sure if I can pull it off. But, it’s a possibility.

I could also pitch a personal experience to get me in, but not sure if I want to spill the beans on a popular site.

For now, it’s something I’m interested in pursuing.

2. Set Up an Affiliate Program for Writeto1k

I’m planning on having an affiliate program for my Write Your Way to Your First $1k course. I have a list of writers and bloggers interested (which includes influencers).

Ideally I would like to offer a higher commission to my course participants, but I have to see if a tiered system is doable or logical.

If you’re interested in becoming an affiliate for my freelance writing course, just let me know and I’ll put you on the list!

3. Start Hosting Collaborative Webinars

I’m in the works of collaborating with some awesome bloggers and freelance writers to do some webinars. This will expose me to a whole new audience and bigger platform.

I’m currently collaborating with Jessica Adams over at Alegriamuse. Jessica is a freelance writer and blog coach and she’s in the process of launching her Blogging #101 course. She’s asked me to contribute to her course and offer a freelance writing lesson – which I’m super excited about – and host a webinar with her.

4. Start Your Writer Website (Service and Package)

I’ve been hearing from a lot of new writers – that aren’t bloggers to begin with – how difficult it is to start a writer website. With all the technical aspects involved, many writers just want to get paid and not be bothered with installing plugins or learning code.

Many just don’t have the time to learn how to start their writer website or have the finances to shell out thousands of dollars for someone else to develop and design their site.

So, I’m in the process of creating a “start your writer website” service.

This is all just ideas for now and isn’t set in stone. I’ll look to see what the best format is for this service and the price for such a service/package (definitely will be super affordable for anyone).

5. Start a Content, Marketing and Design Company

I’m also interested in starting a new agency. This business would be able to accommodate large content orders (and small orders) as well as provide marketing and WordPress design/development services.

Since I have plenty of experience in this field, I feel it would be a good fit and would help expand my reach.

Setting this up will take more time than my other goals as this is a brand new business with its own marketing strategy and style guide to content writing. But, I’m hoping to unveil this new project in early to mid 2016.

Make 2016 Your Year for Freelance Writing Success

I love starting new projects and wrapping up old ones. I look forward to changes and finding ways to grow my business. I must be an entrepreneur at heart.

While all these are just ideas on paper, I’m going to work hard at making them come to fruition. So, are you with me? Have you made your goals yet? If so, tell me all about them in the comments!

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