4 Skills Profitable Freelance Writers Possess (Video)

Did you catch me live in my Facebook group? I’m in the middle of doing five days of freelance writing tips over in my Facebook page and I’m loving it!


I’m not the best presenter or speaker, but I’m showing you that I’m actually doing it. I’m scared, anxious and I totally messed up and say um a lot. But, I did it. I took action and did something new.

And, that’s what I want new freelance writers to do. Don’t worry if you will look like a fool, just go out and pitch or go out and do it.

I’m doing these 5 days of live streaming because I want to help as many newbies as possible. Video is a great medium and can reach more people organically on Facebook. And now that, Twitter opened the doors for live streaming, you know that 2017 is the year for video marketing.

So, I thought I’d bring the video to my blog! For the next five days I’ll post a blog post on share my latest video. I hope you take some time to view it and enjoy it because I feel it has a lot of valuable tips for newbies.

My first video is on the four skills you need to be a profitable writer. Not every freelance writer will succeed and not every freelance writer will be profitable. What do those writers possess that you don’t? Check out my video and please subscribe to my YouTube channel!


So, the top skills you need to be a profitable writer include:

  1. The ability to self-motivate and manage your time
  2. Be able to write engaging and valuable content for an online audience
  3. Confidence to pitch, negotiate and value your worth as a writer
  4. Having one niche
  5. Grab my free resource guide on how to Accelerate Your Freelance Writing Income in 7 Easy Steps

Over to you – tell me what you think profitable writers should possess!

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