How to Write An About Me Page As a Freelance Writer

Get some about me page examples

So, you want to be a freelance writer and you know you need a blog to do this.


Now what? Well, you definitely need an About me page on your freelance writing site. Prospects need to know about you, right?

What are you suppose to put on your About me page?

Remember, a blog for your freelance writing business isn’t about you (shocking!) – it’s about the potential client. And that goes for your About page copy too.

And one more thing – one of your most popular pages on your website will be your About me page!

I want to share with you my journey as a freelance writer – from the very beginning to now.

Looking back, I was just like you not too long ago! I did the same things as you and many times I failed. But, I don’t want that for you writers! I want to help you as much as I can!

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My First About Me Page Copy as a Brand New Freelance Writer

I was brand new to many things when I put up my first writer website.

I also was new to promoting a business online!

I didn’t know anything. I ended up looking at other freelance writer websites to help me figure out what I needed to do for mine.

Here is my original About me page copy for my writer website:

Some great things about this copy is:

  1. I’m speaking to potential clients in the first sentence or two
  2. I mention my experience with SEO content (which – at the time – I don’t think I knew much)
  3. I shared some of my personality at the end of this copy

Some not-so-great things about this copy is:

  1. I use difficult jargon in this –and . I would never use these words now!
  2. I don’t have credibility in what I’m saying – Having links to what you are talking about can help you become more credible in your niche.
  3. I mention too many niches and services – While it’s okay to have more than one niche, don’t have 5 or six and don’t have 4 or 5 services either!
  4. I mention that I can write about any topic – this is as big no-no. You don’t want to market yourself as a catch-all writer; you want to market yourself as the go-to writer in a certain niche topic.


Did I Land Freelance Writing Jobs With This Copy?

Yes, I did. But the gigs I had were varied and all over the place. Some of these gigs took too much time to write because it wasn’t in my wheelhouse of knowledge.

As soon as I had samples and client posts with bylines published, I had to change my About me page copy to reflect this.

A few months later from starting my freelance writing business, I was able to share links to where I was writing on my About me page.

Some big things I noticed that helped my optimized my About me page are:

  1. I broke up my text with bullet lists – Many small business owners don’t have the time to sit and read long paragraphs. If you make your information easy to read, they’ll hang around longer.
  2. I have links to my writing – It’s a good idea to link to your writing in your About me page. Remember, prospects don’t have time to look ALL over your writer website.
  3. I try to convince readers to hire me – The part in my About me page where I ask, “but are you wondering, why me?” is my way of convincing prospects that I’m unique and different than other writers.

The not-so-great thing about this About me page copy is that I’m still marketing myself as a jack-of-all trades writer. I haven’t niched down yet.

My About Page Copy a Little Over a Year Later

It took me over a year to finally niche down to the digital marketing niche. So, from this point on, my About me page copy reflects that.

And some things I  kept from before are my headline and bullet lists.

But, I’m New to Freelance Writing…

Okay, so you’re new and you need to write your About me page copy.

I would promote yourself as a freelance writer for hire and mention what niches you serve. I would make your copy focus on your potential client. What do they want for their writing?

  1. Delivered on time
  2. Formatted appropriately
  3. Up-to-date
  4. Engaging writing
  5. Sourced
  6. Exceeds what the client wanted!

About Me Page Examples

These are things you can weave into your About me page to make it effective!

If you need more help, check out my post on other ways to write your About page to attract clients.

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