Get Paid to Read and Review Books from Home

How would you like tobooks and share your opinion of them? If you have a love for reading, then a paid book reviewer job is the perfect work-at-home opportunity for you!

Not sure where to start? No worries, we’ve covered that one for you as well.

Below we outline seven of the best opportunities out there for scoring that book reviewing job you’ve always wanted.

A book reviewer gets paid (sometimes in the form of free books) for writing their honest opinion of a book after reading it. The length and style of a review are highly dependent upon the reviewing company for which you’ll work.

Remember, an honest review isn’t necessarily a positive review! The companies we’ve listed below pay in cash for their reviews.

Every company will have its own set of expectations when it comes to completing book reviews. You’ll find that some companies have stricter guidelines than others, but for the most part, many of the companies listed are seeking similar things in their book reviewers.

For the most part, you’ll find that there isn’t a lengthy list of requirements for becoming a book reviewer. Some companies request samples of your work, while others are happy to have you join their team by simply submitting your resume and answering a few questions. Either way, there are a few things you should keep in mind if you want to become a successful book reviewer:

If it’s been a year since you last read a book, you might want to pass on this opportunity. You should have a love of reading or at the bare minimum, a good knack for it!

  1. Read the entire book before giving your review. Book review companies are going to want more than “This book was great!” or “The book was boring.” Many companies are looking for evidence within the review, which will mean that you will need to read the book from front to back.
  2. Always give your honest opinion. Many of these companies are not looking for a review that falls “in the middle” but rather a report that is concise in its opinion (i.e., the book is worth reading for its intended audience, or it’s not).
  3. Consider the audience. Ask yourself, “who is most likely to read this book?” Are they children? Teens? Parents or teachers? Then ask if the book is geared toward the intended audience. Is this book appropriately written for its intended audience?

With this background info, you’re now more than ready to dive into the world of reviewing books!

Check out these fantastic companies below for some great work-at-home job opportunities as a paid book reviewer:

While Any Subject Books isn’t currently accepting book reviewers, jobs do become available with some frequency, so check back later.

Here’s more information regarding working for this company as a book reviewer:

Any Subject Books is fitting for those who may or may not have some book reviewing experience. Details you might want to know ahead of time with Any Subject Books are:

  1. Commitment is a book-by-book basis
  2. Pay is per specific book reviewed

This company is actively seeking reviewers. To join their book reviewers, you’ll need to:

  1. Subscribe to their free trial to familiarize yourself with their publications and writing style
  2. Contact the specific editor for whom you would like to write (a complete list is on the Book List site)

To become a book reviewer on Book Browse, you’ll need to have some prior experience as they request at least two samples of work with their application.

As a reviewer, you will write roughly one review per month, will receive a byline and “modest” payment. Book Browse has a quick online application form, which makes the process even easier!

Kirkus is currently seeking experienced reviewers of English and Spanish-language titles. Here are a few more specifics:

  1. This reviewer position would be for Kirkus Indie magazine’s section dedicated to self-publishing authors
  2. Reviews are in the same format as other sections of Kirkus Reviews and are held to the same high standards
  3. Reviews are about 350 words, and as a book reviewer, you’ll have two weeks after the book is assigned to complete the review
  4. Reviews cover all types of genres, books of all lengths, and in any media (digital, hardcover, and paperback)

To apply, submit your resume, writing samples, and preferred reviewing specialties to Kirkus Indie Editor David Rapp at [email protected] or visit the link above.

US Review of Books is actively seeking book reviewers. They generally ask their reviews to be 250-300 words. Payments are made monthly and cover the prior month’s completed book reviews. To apply as a US Review of Books reviewer, you’ll need to contact the editor with:

  1. Your resume
  2. Sample work
  3. Two or more professional references

Finding their application and submission guidelines can be tricky! Here’s how you can find their instructions for becoming a book reviewer a little faster:

  1. On their main site: Click on the upper right-hand tab that reads “Connect.”
  2. Within the first paragraph, you’ll find “How to write for US Review of Books.” Follow the link to get all of the information you need to be considered as a book reviewer!

To apply to write book reviews for Astronomy, you’ll need to write an inquiry letter. Within the letter you should include:

  1. Why you think the book should be reviewed
  2. What (if anything) you know about the author or editor
  3. What your qualifications are for writing the review

This company also offers a web-based application process.

Job boards such asare another great option for seeking out book review jobs or any remote work. While book review jobs on these sites fluctuate, it’s always a good idea to check in with a job board such as FlexJobs as positions do become available.

If you enjoy reading and love sharing your opinion, a job as a book reviewer is the perfect fit for you! While many of these sites pay modestly, you can always consider reviewing for more than one site and cashing in a bit more on what you love to do!

Another option is finding a book reviewer job that offers more than just a freelancing contract. Seeking out positions on job boards such aswill ensure you can still work from home while making money doing something you love! You can also choose toreading books and dishing up reviews, all while earning money through advertising and affiliate programs.

Do you have experience as a book reviewer? Want to learn more? Have questions or comments? Drop us a line below! We would love to hear from you!

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