How to Make Money Advertising For Companies

If you are searching for a way to make money online, there are a lot of options available to you. One unconventional approach that is rising with popularity is making money by advertising other people’s items. There are several ways this can be done. This article will help you understand how to make money by posting ads.

How to Make Money by Posting Ads

When you hear the word “advertising,” most people tend to think of magazine ads and television commercials. However, ads these days come in a lot more variety and types than your typical standard advertisements. Since you are likely seeing ads all the time (many times without fully realizing it!) why not cash in and learn how to make money with some ads too?

Here are some ideas to consider:

1. Make Money by Advertising on Your Car

If you have a car, it’s time for it to start pulling its weight by generating an income for you. Car wrapping is a vinyl covering that is professionally applied to your vehicle. These wraps have advertisements for companies and services, and drivers can choose between a full wrap or a partial.

The full wraps pay more, but they are generally very eye-catching. If you prefer to be slightly more subtle, a partial wrap is a better option.

Each company has different rules and regulations for the types of vehicles that are accepted for a car wrap program. Generally, you must have a newer car in great shape. Additionally, drivers who operate the vehicle must be driving within metropolitan areas. Drivers must meet a minimum threshold of miles driven weekly and also have excellent driving records.

Once the car wrap campaign is complete, the wrap will be removed from your vehicle. If applied professionally and removed correctly, there is no damage to the car.

How to Avoid Car Wrap Scams

There are several car wrap companies to choose from, but this is an area where you need to be cautious and alert. Unfortunately, many scams have been done under the guise of a car wrap opportunity.

These scammers will mail you a fake check, and then ask you to wire over money to pay for the wrap. They take your money, the check they gave you bounces, and you are left with nothing. To avoid car wrap scams, you should never make a payment to a wrap company—they will always pay you for the work.

Additionally, look up the car wrap company on thewebsite and check the ratings and reviews. Any communication you receive should be through official channels from that company, such as emails with the correct URL. If you have a doubt, pick up the phone and call the official company number to make sure you aren’t being scammed.

2. Make Money by Posting Ads on Social Media

Are you an active social media user? If you are spending time on social media, why not make some cash as you scroll? You don’t have to be an influencer or blogger to make a nice side hustle by posting ads (although that can definitely help).

Companies such asset minimum requirements for accounts that can participate, such as having at least 50 followers and an account that is at least 60 days old. Simply set your price per click, look through a list of available advertisers, and start making money.

Be aware that this is another line of work where scams are common. You should never be asked to pay a fee to join a program like this—if you do, it’s a big red flag.

3. How to Make Money Posting Ads on a Blog

Having a blog is one of the best ways to cash in on advertising opportunities. There are multiple routes you could take to make money once youand grow your following. The more page views you receive, the more income you will earn, so while it may not be much at the beginning of your blogging journey, manyon ads alone.

Some bloggers prefer to be less hands-on and use advertising programs such asto automatically post relevant ads on their blog. Other blog owners sell individual ad slots on their website for a set period of time. This option takes more work, but the payout is generally higher, and you have more control over the types of advertising shown.

Once you have built a following that is more than 50,000 views per month, you have even more options, such as hiring an ad management company to handle advertising for you.andare the two most well-known companies for this type of advertising, and each company has its own set of minimum guidelines as well as a review process before accepting new clients.

4. Make Money with Advertising Influencer Groups

If your social media is at least mildly successful, join influencer groups, and companies will find you and ask you to advertise their products.

These are called sponsored posts, and they are different than simply posting a link on your social media. Each company has different requirements, but tasks to completed are items such as making a video, writing a post, or taking photos with various items.

As this way to make money rises in popularity, more companies who offer this service pop up.

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5. Get Paid to Tattoo Your Body

This is definitely an unusual way of earning an income, but it has risen in popularity over the years. , as it is appropriately called, offers companies a chance to display an ad or logo on your body, via tattoos.

These tattoos are temporary, but the more visible they are, the more money you will make.andare a great place to test the waters and offer your skin for lease. Of course, use discretion and make sure it’s a legitimate company before accepting the terms.

6. Make Money Promoting Ads on Tee-Shirts

You put on clothes every day – why not pull on a tee-shirt with a company’s advertisement on it and make a few extra bucks while you are at it? In the past, there have been a couple of companies that broker this service, but most of them seem defunct now. This is a type of work where you will have more luck posting on , , orto offer your services.


As you can see, there are many ways to make money by advertising other people’s products and services. In this day and age, companies are continually searching for new and inventive ways to showcase their brand and stand out from all the white noise. With a little creativity, you can cash in on that desire and stand out in the crowd. Good luck!

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