How to Rate Your Job (& Why You Should)

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Rating your job is an important part of improving the workplace for women everywhere. 

Not only does your rating help other women find companies that share their values and support women in their careers, it helps companies improve their policies and practices. Think of it like a performance review: Rating your job will help your company better understand its strengths and weaknesses and make better workplaces for women, and everyone.

Rating your job helps other women

First and foremost, rating your job helps other women find great workplaces. When a woman researches a prospective employer, your comments and ratings on the company’s leadership opportunities, family leave policy, paid time off policy, wellness initiatives, and more can help that woman make a more informed decision about where she applies. 

For example, your anonymous rating (along with the anonymous ratings of other women at your company) can reveal a workplace that excels in providing management opportunities for women—or one that struggles.

Rating your job helps companies improve

Rating your job also helps your company know where it needs to improve its workplace, practices, and policies for women. 

For example, your company may have a longer-than-average maternity leave policy, but you know that it doesn’t follow through on administering that policy (employees still get emails while on leave, their jobs have changed or they have been demoted up return, etc.). That company needs to know. 

How to rate your job

You can anonymously rate your company right here on InHerSight in less than three minutes. 

InHerSight’s goal is to use data to improve the workplace for women everywhere, and ratings like yours are the primary contributor to that data set.

We ask women to anonymously rate their employer on 16 factors of female-friendliness. These metrics can provide a more complete picture of what it’s like to work for a specific company and can help job seekers understand whether a company values the same things they value. 

Here’s how to rate your company on InHerSight

1. Provide the name of the company 

Plus when you worked there.

2. Provide a little more information about you

Like your job type and your level in your industry.

3. Anonymously rate your experience based on 16 key metrics

If you don’t have an opinion on a certain category, that’s no problem—leave it blank. 

    4. Leave a public comment about your employer/job 

    Your name will never be shown, so you can be as transparent as you like. (However, please be aware that we remove any posts that conflict with our posting guidelines.)

    Start rating now

    There’s more

    Not only can you rate your employer, InHerSight can help you get matched to a job, navigate your career, and connect with other working women. Here’s how: .

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