The Top 20 Companies Where Women Are Most Satisfied with Their Pay (2020)

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The gender pay gap in the United States is 18 percent, which means that on average, women make 82 cents for every dollar men earn. This gap has narrowed slightly since last year, but we still have a long way to go—decades to centuries, depending on the projection you read—before the pay gap closes in the United States.

There are companies where women report being satisfied with their pay, and we believe it’s important to recognize and celebrate those organizations. 

This year’s list of the top companies for women’s salary satisfaction is based on employee ratings from the past 12 months. In the past, we have created lists like this using all ratings to date, but leadership, policies, and practices within companies change regularly, and a lot can change in a year, so we hope that by using the most recent scores, women can get a better understanding of who is leading the pack in salary satisfaction right now.

Salary satisfaction is particularly important because it’s one of the four things women want most from their employers and it’s one of the top predictors of women’s overall job satisfaction. 

Retail is the industry most represented on this list (30 percent), followed by telecom (20 percent) and insurance (20 percent).

The top 20 companies where women are most satisfied with their pay – 2020


Companies with ratings from at least 50 current or former employees in the past 12 months were eligible for this list.

Ratings accurate as of March 26, 2020. InHerSight is the company ratings platform for women, with ratings and reviews on more than 120K companies in the United States.

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