18 Writing Websites That Attract Online Writing Jobs

Are you new to freelance writing? Want to start but not sure if you need a writer freelance website?

One of the first things I did when I wanted to become a freelance writer was start a blog for my business. This one thing helped me land gig after gig, project after project and freelance writing job after job.

Even today, after three years as a freelance writer, I get weekly inquiries from my contact page of prospects wanting to hire me for my digital marketing writing.

Having freelance websites is the way to make a living as a writer. It’s true, and I know many of you are unable to do that right this moment.

That’s okay. You can get started quickly without a website (but, as I mentioned, it’s almost impossible to make a living without a website).

To help you out, I created a non-techy step-by-step tutorial on how to start a business blog for your freelance writing business. I even included a video! Super simple! !

For right now though, check out these 18 writing websites that attract clients every day!

Use them for inspiration, learn from their copy and create your blog from these examples.

18 Writing Websites

1. Alicia Rades

Alicia Rades had a very optimized writing website for her service-based business (she is no a full-time fiction writer).

When landing on her site you knew that she was a paid blog writer. If you’re a business looking for a blog writer, Alicia was your gal.

What was awesome about this homepage was her call-to-action button. It’s above the fold (right before you start scrolling). This means that when you went to her site, you saw that button.

While Alicia has moved on to being a paranormal author, I still love her writer website!

2. Ashley Gainer

Ashley Gainer has a great introduction to her service and is one of the best in this list of writing websites. It immediately tells you that she’s experienced in freelance writing and that entrepreneurs seek her out for her strong copy skills.

She also is marketing to other freelance writers and tells them how. Her writing website is easy to read and navigate, making the decision to hire her easier.

3. Samar Owais

Samar Owais‘ writing website is right to the point. It takes less than 3 seconds to learn what she does: create content that sells.

And for clients with an online business, this is exactly what they seek in a writer!

4. Colin Newcomer

Colin Newcomer has a lead generating site which shows how writing websites can be profitable. We are immediately introduced with his welcoming smile when you land on his freelance website. Next to him, he has a blurb asking specific questions to help prospects identify what they want.

What I like is the social proof right underneath of where he has been featured.

5. Deevra Norling

Deevra Norling shows you what type of writing she does as well as her niche (travel). I like how she featured one testimonial to help prospects trust Deevra as a great writer.

Another thing I liked about her writing website is her blurbs about her writing services. This can help prospects figure out if Deevra is their writer!

6. Little Zotz

I like Lauren’s writing website, Little Zotz! I definitely went to her site as a new freelance writer!

But, she’s also using this site to attract writing jobs. She markets herself as a writer that can write in your brand’s voice and has a great call-to-action button.

7. Cyrus Vanover

Cyrus has a very streamlined writing website that’s easy to navigate. I like his tagline, “persuasive writing that achieves results.”

It hits a pain point for many entrepreneurs and shows them that he can help.


8. Shine Copy

Gary’s writing website, Shine Copy, uses his home page as his About and services page. I immediately know he’s a B2B writer and I know he’s credible from his testimonials and certifications.

Profitable writing websites have credibility on all their pages. Make sure with yours to plaster those testimonials all through out your writer website.

9. Cecily Paterson

I like Cecily’s website because she welcomes us with her face. I feel the best writer websites are personable and using your headshot can get that across easier.

While her site shows her more as an author, her Hire Me page shows that she’s a freelance writer for hire.

10. Tiffany Jansen

Tiffany Jansen’s site is sufficient and tells a prospect what she does. I really like her homepage as it sort of reads like a pitch you would send to a prospect.

She tells you her niche topics, her experience, and links to what her clients say as well as her samples.

11. Flash Fit Trainer

Flash Fit Trainer is Jessica Collin’s blog. I decided to include a blog because I know a lot of bloggers want to do freelance writing.

And you know what? You can use your blog to attract freelance writing jobs!

12. The Product Writer

I love Jordan’s freelance writing website, The Product Writer.

Jordan is an eCommerce copywriter and her site shows you just that! From her title to her copy to her About blurb on her sidebar, Jordan uses her copy to show her experience in this niche.

Writing websites that are highly niched down are very lucrative. That’s because clients know exactly the type of copy you do and want that type of copy.

13. Yolie Denise

Yolie Denise has a unique writing website. Her niche isn’t blog writing but creating digital products for small business. She’s your gal for eBooks.

14. Christine Renee

Christine Renee is a freelance money and business blogger.

I love writing websites that have a picture of the writer welcoming us and has a call-to-action that’s identified easily.

15. Sally Aquire

Sally Aquire’s freelance website tells you her writing niche as well as the types of clients she works with. Way to go!

She also makes sure to show prospects what her content can help with their business (build their brand, improve SEO etc..).

16. Bree Brouwer

I love Bree Brouwer’s writing website. The eyes lead to the arrow and make you want to scroll down to see what she’s all about.

She introduces herself as a professional B2B copywriter letting prospects know her experience in her niche (love her portfolio page!).

17. Jennifer Locke

Jennifer Locke’s website is simple yet effective. Her copy sells her service and her headshot is very inviting. I like that the font size is large (makes it a cinch to read) and her menu isn’t flooded with choices.

Writing websites should be easy to skim and read. Having a large font is an easy way to allow skimming and quick reading.

18. Innovative Ink

Innovative Ink is my writing website. I’m sort of in love with it. My service-based website has had a lot of facelifts, but this one is sticking so far.

I love the copy, the design and the voice on this website. As soon as I honed my niche and spoke to my ideal client, I ramped up my freelance writing business and income.

That’s the power of a writer website.

Writing Websites to Get Inspired By

If you don’t yet have a blog for your business, I highly suggest you start one today! I have a super simple tutorial with a video to boot to help you get started quickly!

I hope these freelance websites inspired you to become a freelance writer! Yay!!!

When you have your new blog, please comment on this post and tell me your website! I’d love to support it 🙂

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