6 Ways to Start an Email That Aren’t ‘I Hope This Email Finds You Well”’

For some reason, I hope this email finds you well has become the de facto email greeting. But it doesn’t have to be! There are better ways to open a professional email.

I believe that when it comes to email greetings, simpler is better. Your subject line should give the email recipient a pretty good idea of why you’re contacting them, so there is no need to beat around the bush once you get to the body. Below, we’ve included six short-and-sweet alternatives to I hope this email finds you well.

3 formal email greetings

Depending on your workplace or recipient, the emails you send might need a more formal, professional tone. These greetings play it safe but let your recipient know immediately that you are a professional reaching out about an official business matter.


It’s simple, but effective. This greeting allows you to get right to the point of your email without getting lost in niceties. Use this opener to let your boss, colleague, or client know that you aren’t into wasting time—theirs or yours.

Good morning/afternoon/evening

A classic pleasantry, this greeting works, because we’re all addicted to our phones, laptops, tablets, etc. It is increasingly rare that emails are read days or even hours after they’re sent, so denoting the time of day is becoming a safer and safer bet.

Hi Jane

Both professional and personal. Win-win! While this email opening line is always appropriate, it can be extra-effective if you are cold emailing someone you don’t know thanks to the personal touch of adding their first name.

3 casual email greetings

If the email you are sending is to a colleague you’re familiar with or you work in a more casual environment, there is no need for your email correspondence to be formal. Check out these email greetings that add a little personality.

Happy Friday!

Honestly, you can use this greeting any day that’s not Monday. It’s a nice way to insert a gentle celebration into a plain old workday. And we can all use more reasons to celebrate! 

Quick question:

This is another email opener that allows you to get right to the point, albeit more casually. But if you are emailing to get a specific question answered by someone you are professionally familiar with it can be quite effective.

I hope this email finds you caffeinated

A spin on the classic, this is the perfect greeting for the colleague who can’t quite human until they’ve had a cup—or two—of coffee.

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