15 ‘Valentines’ from Women to Their Companies

I imagine the six-year-old me asked a lot of questions about Valentine’s Day. Why do we celebrate it? What does “Be Mine” mean? Do cupid’s arrows hurt when they hit people? (Actually, that last one came frommy6-year-old daughter, who also has lots of questions.)

Then there was a long spell where I was perfectly content to just sit back and celebrate it. Chocolates, hearts, flowers, what’s not to like? I can even remember wanting to be the best at it, stressing over how to create the most perfect Valentine’s surprise anyone had ever received.

For whatever reason, maybe my daughter’s influence, the fact that I’ve already snuck into and finished most of my chocolates, or possiblythe rise of #GalentinesDay, this year I reverted back to my 6-year-old self and decided to consult Google for a refresher on what this holiday is all about.

Oh, It’s Only the Best Day of the Year

I’m very busy so it was a short Google consultation. But here’s what my “what is Valentine’s Day” search returned:

Val·en·tine’s Day


February 14, a day when it is traditional to send a card, often anonymously, to a person one is romantically involved with or attracted to.

Wow, have we done a number on this holiday. According to Wikipedia, the totalV-Day expenditures in 2017 topped  $18.2 billion, or over $136 per person. Holy sweet cannoli!

But getting back to my point… I was actually quite charmed to be reminded that traditionally there has been a significantanonymouscomponent to Valentine’s Day. It made me think about all of the hundreds of thousands of anonymous company reviews women have sent to each other — sentforeach other, really — on InHerSight. Every company review, positive and negative, is a small but mighty message of love and caring for each other, for the companies we work our butts off for, and for the next generation of women.

Ovaries Before Brovaries

So in honor of Valentine’s Day, here are 15 of the powerful “valentines” women have sent to each other and to their companies this month on InHerSight:


Leave your company and the future women who work there a “valentine” byclicking here. (It’s anonymous!)

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