Want to Be More Productive at Work? Stay Home

We’re just a third of the way through winter and here atInHerSightHQ we’ve already had six (yes, six!) snow days… and we’re south of the Mason-Dixon line!

Luckily, thanks to Slack, Google Hangouts, email, and basically all modern technology, those six snow days haven’t resulted in a single missed day of work (though a few video calls have been interrupted by kids needing snowmen accessories and help using the potty).

This time of year we’re frequently reminded of the benefits of telecommuting, but snow days are just one of the many things we contend with in modern life where working from home just makes sense. And it turns out it makes a whole lot of business sense, too.

A recentstudy of the benefits of telecommutingshowed a 13% increase in performance from people working from home. Not only did telecommuters work on average more hours each day, they also saw an improvement in their ability to concentrate without the typical office distractions like coffee outings and baked goods in the break room.

Better performing employees isn’t the only benefit of telecommuting programs — working from home alsoimproves morale, decreases turnover, increase creativity, reduces company costs, and is better for the environment.

So, want to work from home more often? Here are 20 companies that get great scores for telecommuting.

Ratings as of 1/28/2018.

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