Stop the Fluff – How to Really Make Money Right Now

Ways to Bring in Money When You’re Surviving on One Income

“Once again, the tips are for people with plenty of money to trim in their budgets. Does ANYBODY get a new car every year anymore? Hardly. The article had a good headline, but then it turns into useless fluff. I’m disappointed. Living on one income for many years … maybe it’s time for me to write my own article!!!”

So instead of an article full of “fluff”- here is some advice that can really help you out when you need to make money right now.

Build Your Network Before You Need It:

We’ve all heard the saying, it’s not what you know, but who you know – and it’s true. When you’re looking for a work-at-home job, the best place to start is with the people you already know. People enjoying helping others out, it makes them feel good. Let your network know that you’re looking for a job – even if they don’t know of a position, there is a good chance that someone that they know does.

The key here is to have your network in place so that you’re not scrambling for phone numbers and email addresses after you’ve been laid off or when you’re already in desperate need of money. LinkedIn and Facebook are great places to start building your network – and they are free.

For more tips on how to build your network now, check out: “37 Ideas to Grow Your Job Search Network Right Now”.

Bring in Money Now:

Everyone has some marketable skill that they can bank on. When you need money immediately let others know that you’re available for hire – this can consist of family, friends, neighbors, church members – you can even place a free listing on Craigslist letting your community know that you’re available for hire.

Not good at selling yourself? Try a website like where they connect caregivers to individuals that need help.

Need ideas to get you started?

  1. Babysitting
  2. House cleaning
  3. Cooking
  4. Handy-woman
  5. Tutoring
  6. Music instruction
  7. Pet sitter
  8. Yard work
  9. Snow shoveling
  10. Housesitting
  11. Car washing
  12. Car repair
  13. Photographer
  14. Personal assistant
  15. Fitness instruction
  16. Laundry
  17. Mom helper

Make sure to check out this article for specific resources and ways to get started, how to make money from home, quickly!

Waste Not, Want Not:

The majority of us have way more than we need – so start selling those unwanted toys, clothes, and books. There are a few ways you can do this – you can go with the traditional garage sale or yard sale, where you sell a lot of items at one time. This can be a quick and easy way to earn some money. However, the downside is, people tend to pay less due to the causal setting.

Another way to earn money is to bring used items to consignment stores, pawn shops, and used item stores. Consignment stores have been perfect for my daughter’s used toys, clothes and baby gear (remember things need to be in good condition). I’ve also brought my old CD’s and books to used item stores. And don’t forget about that wedding dress sitting in the back of the closet – there are many wedding type consignment shops where you can get good money for your gown.

Note: only use pawn shops to sell items – their interest rate on pawned items is ridiculous and will cost you deeply in the long run.

You can also make money by selling goods via online or print classified ads – I suggest Craigslist for this, it’s free to use. I have personally been able to sell larger items like furniture, a crib bedding, high-end clothes, and electronics. This tends to be where you make the most money for your used items, but it can also take more time selling each item individually and having to coordinate schedules.

The last place you can sell stuff is online. Websites like ThredUp, Gazelle, and Cash 4 Books offer decent prices and make the sale a snap. In fact, here’s a list of over 100 places to sell your used stuff online!

Don’t think you have anything to sell?

Think again. You can sell everything from clothes and books to hair, breast milk, and so much more. Check out this list to get your creative juices flowing.

Start Applying:

The sooner you start getting your resume out there – the sooner you can get hired. Put your resume out on the major job board sites. When applying for specific jobs, know that you will need to modify your resume with the keywords that are used in the job description. For larger companies, the first eyes that will see your resume is generally a computer that is scanning for specific keywords and phrases.

If you’re looking for a specific type of work (work-at-home, six-figure income, or specific industry work), it may be in your best interest to pay for a membership to a niche related job board site. I’ll use work at home as my example.

Flex Jobs is specialized job board site for virtual and flexible positions. Before any job is posted, a member of the FlexJobs team reviews the listing, so that members can rest assured that they are applying for a legitimate position. Because work at home jobs can be difficult to find, and because the work at home realm is so littered with scams – it will save you a lot of time by purchasing a membership where you can find the majority of telecommuting positions in one place. Remember time is money – the sooner you find a job – the sooner you can make money.

Make sure to check out these sites for legit work at home job listings!

Of course, when money is tight you’ll want to find ways to trim the budget and save. The key to making money and saving money is being proactive – so get out there are start building your network today.

Have you found a way to make money now? Do you have a real-life money-saving tip that you’d like to share?

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